A design-led digital advisory.

D.Why exists to help businesses transform in a new digital economy.

Led by principal consultant Dave Yeates, D.Why works with leaders to brings certainty, direction and leadership in a rapidly changing marketplace.

Combining principles of design thinking with clever and engaging facilitation and the latest in management strategy to bring the best our of team and help businesses reposition themselves for success in a digital economy.

About Dave

David Yeates

B.Design (Communication)
MBA (Innovation)

A multi-specialist consultant with roots in design and innovation, Dave has had the privilege of working with some of the world’s leading organisations.

Combining together disciplines of Design Thinking, Customer Centricity, Lean Startup and Story-Driven work his consulting practice leads executives and teams across these disciplines. Helping organisations win business today and preparing them for the marketplace of tomorrow.

A model to navigate the transformation imperative.

Change is a must. Whether it’s cultural, digital, innovative or strategic – we’re in a marketplace that is changing quickly. And our competitors are too.

Organisations of every kind need to get organised around value, make that value potent, accessible, personal and relevant in a digital economy.

Your journey; starts here.

Industry Specialisation

Schools, Associations and NFPs

Struggling to articulate value and deeply entrenched in political systems of a bygone era, these organisations are facing commercial realities that are demanding change. Customers are asking: “Where’s the value?”

Making sure everyone’s pulling in the same direction can be as much a leadership struggle as articulating value itself. Only one thing is certain: change.


Professional services firms

Firms built from the ground up on reputation of brand and loyalty of relationships are facing a new breed of customers who challenge the idea of loyalty; choosing value and impact over tenure and status. These firms need to pull the only two levers they have: perception and people, by mastering storytelling, sales, digital and leadership to cement their place as a value-provider among their clientele.



On the precipice of the new mining (and mining technology) boom, both the mining and METS sector are lined up for a new wave of focus on precious metals, battery materials and an intense focus on social licence to operate.

Staying innovative, leading culture and applying new thinking to these organisations has proven itself as a worthwhile investment from at a sector-level, right the way through to start ups.


Technology companies & Start-Ups

What is a technology company, anyway?

Chances are it’s probably an unrelenting focus on technology to solve a problem in a traditional market category. That’s why startups are so special, and often so disruptive. But focusing that energy on continued commercial success, sales and marketing can be a difficult tightrope to walk.


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