Nail your organisational purpose and value in a digital economy.

D.Why approaches strategy from the outside in.  Led by insights, we design strategies for businesses and provide strategic planning facilitation that is anchored in human centred design principles. Addressing the issue facing us in this very moment, concerning digital, customer centricity and corporate identity, our work seeks to find purpose, articulate meaning and craft a message that matters to people.

The problem businesses can carry with them when it comes time to transform is that they’re so close to the problems they can’t see all the opportunities in from of them (“Wood-for-the-trees” – so to speak). This can force strategy quickly into “Strategic Planning” rather than the strategy required to win.

What this means for businesses is a strategy that not only articulates the vision or the objectives of the board, but does so in a way that fosters engagement,  in a way that means something to people, in a way that’s easy to understand and communicate.

Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory.
Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.
– Sun Tzu.

Understanding when to be strategic and when to be tactical can be just as important as the strategy itself. Our strategic consulting works with your senior leadership, building and facilitating strategies so that the right people can lay out the right plans for the best possible results.

D.Why provides workshop guidance and facilitation of strategic planning to pull the very best out of your businesses along with advisory support and engagement to develop a robust strategy that ensure your business is headed in the right direction and serving the right mission to get it there.

  • Strategic Planning Facilitation

    Extracting and distilling the best strategies out of your leadership

  • Vision, Mission, Values Design

    Democratised or lead from the front, we help define the very essence of what matters. The core ideas that drive people to work.

  • Value proposition design

    Honing in on the heart of your value exchange and it's own unique value to you market and customers.

  • Customer centricity

    The world has fundamentally shifted. Customer expect more, but not necessarily in the places you'd expect. Have you kept up and kept your customers at the centre?

  • Purpose

    A purpose is a rallying cry that gives people reason to gather – defining why the work is important.

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