Tackle your own imperative to change.

Consulting, advisory and educational services designed to sustain businesses into a new era of customer and technology.

How do you connect with customers and lead your teams in a future that seems to already be here? Whatever your imperative, D.Why is focused on guiding you through that change.

Strategic Advisory

Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat

– Sun Tzu

Strategic advisory, Board Room Facilitation, Culture, team-building, co-creation, post-it notes and more…

A demonstrable commitment to strategy keeps the main thing, the main thing. It also guides staff, aligns teams and ensures an organisation (and its finances) are focused on the areas that matter for the season at hand.

  • Strategic, foundational and enduring purpose
  • Design-led Vision and Mission
  • Co-created corporate values and underpin every strategy
  • Strategic planning led by design thinking
  • Customer-centricity & Digital Strategy specialist

What season are you in? What should be your focus? And where are you headed next? You strategy matters.


Mission-to-Market is a proprietary facilitation event for any business or organisation of virtually any size to undertake that gives directors, leaders and senior executives a way to connect their strategy to their people, using co-creation and design thinking to enable early engagement with the foundational strategies you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

  • Co-design and develop a corporate identity with staff that become advocates
  • Develop a coherent brand position that concisely communicates your value to the world around you.
  • Engage with your ideal customer and develop a communications ideal.
  • Outcome: Corporate Identity, Brand Position, Brand Style, Homepage Pitch, and Corporate Narrative – that connects to the hearts and minds of all stakeholders using the power of story.

Have you noticed that sometimes strategies never quite “land”.

It all sounded good in theory, but once you shared that vision, it never quite took off?

Ultimately, this is about taking your strategy and making sure it has the story, life and value required to take it from the board room, to your staff and ultimately, your customer. Quite literally, from mission to market.

Digital Transformation

Using a proprietary model for design-led transformational change, we take digital transformation from a technology-led obligation to a customer-led opportunity.

Using Lean-startup principles of iterative design, customer centricity and a focus on cloud-service, digital transformation can quickly turn from the “risk of doing” to a win-win game against the “risk of not doing“.

Website overhauls

Working with companies of any size, of established corporates to the private sector, websites have become our window to the world. A place you can share your services, send your clients and attract the attention of prospects, social traffic and google bots alike.

But websites of tomorrow need more than that.

They need to be repurposed, with a renewed focus of that purpose in light of the next technologies, automation and intelligence available today.

Learning & Development

With a half-decade of dedicated work in the private and government sectors, D.Why specialised in activating teams and executives on the finer points of innovation, entreprenuership, design thinking and digital leadership. With content informed by comprehensive research into our rapidly changing, digitally disrupted and post-millennial marketplace; with experience across staff retreats, industry-based masterclasses and private, bespoke learning development outcomes;  Dave helps gather a room around an idea and leaves people wanting more.

Leadership & Keynotes

David has specific experience in transforming clients (and some of his own) businesses into digital first, customer first, world-leading organisations – with a wide range of clients, from blue chips and tech titans to innovative start-ups and social enterprise. Daves experience in adapting to and harnessing new media and technology has led to lessons in resilience, innovation, digital adoption, millennials and the roots of philosophy and creativity.

Speaking a standard of 40mins, Dave can work with your team to design a presentation around a specific outcome, story or idea you’re looking to engage with.

Let’s craft a solution that’s right for your business…

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